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Recipient of the award for 2009

Erez Job, Undergraduate student

Panel of judges: Prof. Moshe Eisenberger, Prof. Arnon Bentur, Prof. Abishai Polus


Behind the judges' decision: "…In his initial solution to the exercise (design of a multistory building) Erez showed deep understanding of the physical parameters that have to be taken into account. He considered ways in which to reduce the deflection of the structural system as required in the exercise and successfully applied knowledge acquired from various courses in his search for a creative and original solution.

In the first stage Erez attempted to make the cantilevers act as "guided cantilevers", by using a column to connect the cantilevers between the floors so as to achieve partial frame action between the different cantilevers on the floors.

In the second stage he realized that he could achieve the effect of restraining torsion at the ends of the cantilevers by means of a peripheral ring-beam. We see this as consistent conceptual progress towards an optimal solution.

The presentation of these ideas through the use of models demonstrates determination and the investment of effort in an attempt to learn, although this was not required within the context of the exercise.

Erez is an outstanding student. The work he submitted to the judges is evidence of this, in addition to his exceptionally high grades and performance in various courses.

The panel of judges unanimously recommended award of the student prize to Erez Job…"


מסמך Acrobat PDF Description of the project submitted

מסמך PowerPoint PPT [Hebrew] Slide presentation of the project

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