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Recipients of the award for 2016

תמונת פנים
Evrona nature reserve oil spill Research Group

This year a group of students was awarded after researching the oil spill in the Evrona Nature Reserve:

I am pleased to submit to you the highlights of the decision to award the Moshe Schnabel Prize to the group of students who engaged in joint research regarding the oil spill in the Evrona Nature Reserve.

Three proposals were submitted to the committee, but its members felt that the basis for selection should be wider. Therefore, the committee actively sought out suitable projects. At the end of that process, the committee recommended awarding the prize to a group of 12 students who conducted joint research regarding the oil spill in the Evrona Nature Reserve. This project was clearly the most outstanding project.

The scope of the project and the recommendations are well described in the recommendation of Prof. Uri Shavit. The committee supported these recommendations unanimously.

The committee found that this project perfectly meets the spirit of the prize. It is a practical project addressing public, environmental and social aspects in Israel. The project emphasized values such as social involvement, curiosity, innovation, creativity, teamwork and excellence among the participating students. The project provided the students an important educational experience that contributed to the empowerment of those values that are the practical foundation for the perception of “Environmental Civil Engineer” with “multidisciplinary vision.”

In conclusion, the Committee has chosen this project as the project most eligible for the Moshe Schnabel Prize.

Yoram Shiftan


Project posters are available at the Hebrew version of this page.

מסמך Acrobat PDF Eitam Shafran – Analysis and Characterization of Oil Pollution in the Evrona Reserve, in Correlation with its Color via Remote Sensing

מסמך Acrobat PDF Karen Tunis & Michal Kisra – Chemical and Physical Characterization of Soils in the Evrona Reserve

מסמך Acrobat PDF Zipora Zofiof & Yaara Kalev – Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria that are Decomposing Oil from Evrona Soils

מסמך Acrobat PDF Gilad Yogev –The Evrona Project – Model of Upper Runoff and Pollutant Convection

מסמך Acrobat PDF Maya Eyal & Angel Sussman – Characterization of the Water Evaporation Rate from Oil - Polluted Soil in the Evrona Reserve

מסמך Acrobat PDF Segev Dagan – One-dimensional Model for the Description of Water Flow, Solute Movement and Contents of Polluting Component in the Subsurface of Evrona Reserve

מסמך Acrobat PDF Omer Levi & Yael Zvulunov –Methods of Monitoring Microbial Decomposition of Oil in Polluted Soil

מסמך Acrobat PDF Shai Erev Levi – Irrigation and Fertilization System Design … or How to “Feed” Bacteria in the Evrona Reserve

מסמך Acrobat PDF Project summaries (Hebrew)

מסמך Acrobat PDF Committee announcement