Professional resumé

In 1957, the Moshe Shnabel and Asher Müller engineering partnership is established. From the time of its establishment until the present day, it has been involved in the planning of more than 1,900 projects all around Israel and the world.

Asher Müller and Moshe Shnabel (left)

During the 1960’s, Engineer Hanoch Tzachar joins the office, and during the 1990’s, Engineer Yechiel Michaelson also joins the partnership.

Moshe Shnabel (right) and Hanoch Tzahar at the construction site of the Bank Leumi Headquarters Building.

The joint engineering office has planned hundreds of prominent structures in Israel: From the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) building in Jerusalem, government and administrative structures, transportation and communications systems, army and defense complexes, infrastructure and industrial buildings … to academic villages: The Technion, Haifa University, Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University.

The Knesset

Hangar 27 for jumbo jets

The new Tel Aviv central bus station

The engineering partnership specializes and operates in the fields of general civil engineering and unique fields of specialization such as: Engineering in a marine environment, port and support services building complexes, aviation systems and military and civilian airport structures, general bridge engineering, industrialized bridges, military, civil defense and security structures, underground buildings and tunnels, industrial plants, commercial centers, government, administration and academic buildings, hospitals and laboratories, large-scale residential complexes, hotel and leisure activity buildings, and rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings.


List of Selected Projects

[from approximately 1,900 projects from 1956 to the present] –
in chronological order

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

National Library, Jerusalem – Hebrew University, Givat Ram campus

Nir-Cargal factory

The Technion – Metals Institute

The Technion – School of Infrastructure Engineering

Hebrew University – Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot campus – various buildings

Hostel for Immigrants – Beer Sheva

Carmel Center – Haifa Auditorium

Sheraton Hotel, Tel Aviv

Haaretz Museum – Hadas Building – Numismatics Pavilion

Knesset building, Jerusalem

French Embassy building, Tel Aviv

Kibbutz Gan Shmuel – Auditorium

Ethiopian Foreign Ministry building, Addis Ababa

Lin Institute – Bank Leumi HQ – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University – Life Sciences Building

Port of Haifa – various buildings

Bezalel academic campus – Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Security services – buildings for various arms of the service

University of Haifa Campus
Haifa University campus – Eshkol Building, the main building and various other structures

Electric Company – coal-loading pier – Ashkelon

Gabriel House – Lake Kinneret

Beit Halohem – Tel Aviv

Vinter Sport Center

Ein-hod Museum

Van Leer Institute – The Israel Academy

Tel Aviv Music Library – renovation

Hasharon Prison

Air Terminal – NaTBaG 2000 (Ben Gurion Airport)

Car tunnel – La Guardia Intersection, Tel Aviv

Government City, Beer Sheva
Government City – Beer Sheva

Fairgrounds and convention center – Near East Fair – Tel Aviv

Tri-city Bridge – "Operation Kadesh" Bridge – Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan-Bnei Berak

Ampa Building – Maccabee Medical Building, Yigal Alon St, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University – Medical School Building

Bloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv – floodlight system

New central bus station – Tel Aviv

Aircraft Industry compound – various hangars

Acco Egged bus station

The Hebrew University, Mount of Olives campus – student dormitories

El Al jumbo jet hangar 27, interior space

El Al maintenance facilities and other hangars

Lev Hair residential complex – "Dizengoff Center" – Tel Aviv

David's Towers residential complex
David's Towers residential complex – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University campus – Educational Technologies Center

Maman complex – Ben Gurion Airport, various buildings

Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon – various buildings

Tel Aviv University – sports hall

Tel Aviv University – Wolfson School of Electrical Engineering

Haaretz Museum – Man and His Works

Levinstein Tower – Tel Aviv

Olympic Tennis Center – Ramat Hasharon

Naval Officers Training School, Acco – various buildings

Bar-Ilan University – Ram Building

Century Tower Hashekem Building – Ibn-Gavirol St, Tel Aviv

Bahai Community campus, Haifa – the International Archive

Israel Aircraft Industries – various buildings

Port of Ashdod – Hayovel Port

Hebrew University High School – Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem

Hadera coal port – terminal, platform and coal loading systems

Israel Air Force – a wide range of command buildings and computerized warehouses at various air force bases

Egged Bus Cooperative – operations garages throughout the country

Mokotov Gallery compound – Warsaw, Poland

The Open University – Raanana campus
The Open University – Raanana campus

Intel – Research and Production plant, Jerusalem

Ancient Roman amphitheater at Beit She'an – various renovation operations